Squares 2020

Our Buckeye Game Day raffles are one of our biggest scholarship fundraisers every year. In lieu of in-person Game Day events, we have a Football Squares fundraiser for every 2020 Buckeye football game! One grand prize: a $50 gift card (winner chooses where). For the National Championship Game on Monday, January 11, enter the game and choose your squares here. Payment must be submitted to OSUDC within 1 hour of selecting your squares. Please click here to download the complete rules and information for our 2020 scholarship fundraiser.

2020 Scholarship Fundraising Effort

The Spearman Scholarship Fund is an endowed scholarship at The Ohio State University. The scholarship helps to offset the cost for students from the Greater Washington, DC metro area who will be attending The Ohio State University. Proceeds from the online fundraiser will go to the Spearman Scholarship Fund.


  1. Use the link provided to access the pool OR go to www.squarezy.com
  2. If you have not done so, create an account or log in to your existing account
  3. The link will take you directly to the pool. 
  4. If you sign in via www.squarezy.com you’ll need to enter the Pool ID and Pool PW. Those details are noted in the invite. 
  5. READ THE RULES to understand the deadlines and timing of the pool. 


  1. Choose your donation amount – (UPDATED 12/7/2020) $3 per square, 10 squares for $20, 20 squares for $30.
  2. Select your SQUARES and log out. – Numbers will be auto-generated approximately 15 to 45 minutes before kickoff. 
  3. Send in your donation via PayPal (alumni@osudc.org), Venmo (@OSUDC), or Cashapp ($osudcgameday) listing the name(s) used to hold your square(s) in the notes section. 
  4. Your donation needs to be RECEIVED BY THE CLUB WITHIN 1 HOUR of choosing your square to avoid having your name removed from the square and reopened for others to choose. 
  5. If you are choosing multiple squares, FOLLOW this naming format: Brutus, Brutus 1, & Brutus 2, etc.
  6. The winning square will be determined by the last digit of each team’s FINAL SCORE. For example, if the final score of the game is Ohio State 100 – TTUN 7 the winner will be the person who has the Ohio State 0 and TTUN 7 square.  
  7. If the winning square is a vacant, we will use the score of the 3rd quarter, followed by the 2nd quarter, and then the 1st quarter. If we still do not have a winner, the participants will be entered into a drawing for the prize.
  8. The winner will be notified within 48 hours after the game has ended to confirm the mailing address of where their prize should be sent. 
  9. Once 50 squares are sold, the set of squares is considered to be live. Once the squares are live, a prize will be awarded to the winner (one $50 gift card – winner’s choice). If 50 squares are not sold, your donation and square assignment rolls forward to the following week’s game.
  10. If all 100 squares are sold for that week’s game, we will open another set of squares. See rule number 9 on how a set of partially filled squares will be handled.   
  11. All sales are final. No refunds will be provided.
Countdown to Ohio State Vs. Michigan

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